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We live in an era when we imagine everything we do, think, and say should be perfect. From sporting an ideal hairstyle to a fabulous relationship, people do their best to stay on the ball. Otherwise, they might be rejected like yesterday’s leftovers. The media presents descriptions and images of couples in seemingly miraculous relationships. No one fights or has a hair out of place. They aim to please one another and are appropriate in every way. However, the truth be known, their faultlessness is a sham.

You might be friends with couples who set up the illusion of complete intimacy and extraordinary love. They are attentive and kind, responsible, amiable, and sweet to each other. The fantasy creates an issue for you since you believe what you see and hear is real. In reality, such relationships don’t exist. However, some couples are great at make-believe and try to generate the right image. You, however, compare your relationship with those glazed in roses and sunshine and fear you’re making mistakes.

Couples who want others to think they have excellent partnerships fear rejection. They want to be acknowledged and admired, and the fantasy helps them achieve their aim. Behind closed doors, though, a great deal of frustration and anxiety occurs. No one can keep up such pretense without the gut-wrenching discomfort of feeling misunderstood. However, the reality is still traded for a glossy, airbrushed picture of transcendence.

Whether people want to appear spectacular on their Facebook page or be envied for their relationships via Instagram, they put themselves under pressure. You can’t stop them seeking to be seen in the way they want, but you can make sure you aren’t taken in by their delusions.

All couples fight. They have ups and downs and sometimes hit rough patches that make staying together demanding – this need not be seen as failing since its part of learning and personal growth. If you never met challenges, and your partner didn’t push your buttons occasionally, you wouldn’t have the chance to review difficulties and figure out what you want in life.

When you notice couples who feign perfection, take their illusion lightly. Their seemingly beautiful behavior and love aren’t all they suggest. Focus on the health of your relationship rather than watching others, knowing it’s alright to disagree and row with your partner sometimes, and doing so can bring you closer.

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