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We get it. In this day, working outside the home is part of our lives. Even a farmer might find that keeping a job can help make their farm more productive or make ends meet. But it comes with a price, as parts of our modern lifestyle do not add to happiness, possibly making you unhappy. Here are six such issues, and what you can do to counteract them.

You don’t spend enough time in nature

Studies have shown that natural environments, including parks and the beach, are beneficial to well-being. People who spend time in nature feel happier and more relaxed, and experience less mental fatigue. Comparatively, urban environments make people feel stressed and mentally tired. Fix: Take some time regularly to get outdoors.

You don’t get enough daylight

Depending on your job and location, you may only get a small amount of natural light per day. Some office workers set off for work in the dark, spend all day indoors, and then go home in the dark. This routine can cause low vitamin D levels, and if you suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD), it can have an adverse effect on your mood. The solution is simple: spend more time outdoors in direct sunlight.

Material possessions have taken over

Everyone has experienced retail therapy, that high you get when you spend money on something new. But that new prized possession quickly becomes passe, and soon, you’re pining after something else. To counter this, get into the habit of spending money on experiences, not possessions.

You’re addicted to your smartphone

The research base is still in its early stages, but the evidence is building that excessive social media usage contributes to low moods and anxiety. Try this experiment — keep your phone and internet off for one day, and count how many times you feel the urge to check your smartphone. You may be surprised at the results. To help curb your technology addiction, spend some time every day unplugged, with the WiFi, and all phones turned off.

Your commute is making you miserable

Commuting to work has been rated in surveys as the least happy time of day, even lower than being at work. In the search for a more comfortable life, many people accept jobs far away from their home. But long commute times may negate the monetary benefits. In reality, the shorter your commute, the happier you’ll be. Finding work closer to home is the best case scenario but if you can’t, is it possible to negotiate a few days per week where you work from home?

You’ve Stopped Connecting

The link between social relationships and happiness is well-established by research. Unfortunately though, as people older, they spend less and less time with their friends. It’s so easy to let friendships slide, especially if you’re tired after work, have children, or have a date with a box set. However, it is important to find ways to make it work. Invite friends over, plan an evening out, or just show up unannounced one day. Netflix can wait.

Make the effort

Human beings are creatures of habit, and it’s easy to get stuck doing the same things every day, even if they are not beneficial. It can take a bit of effort to adjust your routine, but the benefits are worth it. Try applying the above solutions just for one month, and see what effect it has on your life.

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The Korean Skincare Routine (Understanding The Basics)

Nowadays, skincare is more important than ever. It’s apparent that in times past, not enough was done to protect this vital organ, leading to a variety of serious health concerns. However, there are now so many routines, products, and beauty videos that knowing what to do for your skin is confusing at best. Don’t worry! It is possible to simplify and still have glowing, blemish-free skin.

One of the most popular routines is the Korean beauty routine. It can be very effective, but certain versions of it can include up to fifteen steps! Never fear; it can be whittled down to its essential steps and still make your skin healthy and happy.

So, what are these essential steps that define the Korean skincare routine? What can you cross off the list, and what should you keep? Korea has created some iconic treatments for the face that can improve every concern and address many different needs.

1) The double cleanse. Because there are many impurities that collect on the face, the double cleanse is necessary to truly clean the skin. First, an oil-based cleanser is used. Often, these are thick textured products, meant to be applied to the skin and then wiped away. Try a fragrance-free version for sensitive skin, and avoid ingredients like coconut oil as it can cause a condition called closed comedones, small bumps that linger under the skin.

2) Essence. Generally, this is a lightweight spray or treatment that serves to prep and calm the skin. It is sometimes confused with or even interchangeable with ampoules, but usually, ampoules have a much heavier, more oil-like texture.

3) Ampoules. Ampoules can address a wide variety of skin concerns, such as dullness, redness, spots, and more. Choose one that addresses an important skin issue that is personal to you for maximum results. This step will help even out the complexion, brighten, and combat wrinkles.

4) Masks. Masks come in many forms and also address a myriad of issues. Some may be used to nourish the skin’s acid mantle, a protective layer that contributes to PH balance and keeps bacteria and other antagonists away from the delicate layers beneath. If the acid mantle is compromised, dryness and breakouts are likely.

Still, other masks might address irritation, blackheads, dryness or oiliness, or moisturize overnight or before makeup application. Masks can be purchased in individual packages, or in a larger size jar. The single serving masks are applied by wearing a literal mask, imbued with helpful ingredients, over the face. Masks in larger jars are merely applied as a liquid and then wiped or washed away.

While it might be hard to find the time to indulge in a fifteen step skincare routine, skin still benefits from a more conservative routine that incorporates some Korean skincare elements. Remember to patch test when trying new products, and for sensitive faces, consider products without fragrance or alcohols. In just a few short days, your skin will glow like never before!

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