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December – March are the wettest months for some of us in the States, and farming is pretty much shut down ’til spring. December – March are also the driest months for most of the Caribbean islands. You see where this is going, right? It might be time to take a luxury cruise. Even if you haven’t considered one before, it’s probably time you did since these long-distance, sight-seeing voyages are so much fun and could be the ideal holiday for you.

Sightseeing made easy

A cruise will enable you to see the world in comfort. All the business of planning your itinerary, meals and accommodation are taken care of, freeing you up to enjoy the wonders of your chosen trip. There are cruises to every corner of the world, some with flights to the start-point and others that take you right around by sea. It’s a great way to get a glimpse of many different places, including ones you might not feel safe visiting independently, and when you’ve seen one part of the world, you can book up to see another (budget permitting).


If you’re in need of rest and pampering, you’ll get it on a luxury cruise. With the exceptional food, comfortable accommodation, and relaxing ambiance, you’ll soon unwind and forget the hassles of everyday life. Whether you’re lazing by the pool, drinking at the bar or enjoying one of the onboard activities, you’ll be living the high life.

Entertainment and activities

You’ll be spoiled for entertainment choices on a cruise ship. Events and activities provided will vary from one trip to another, but you can be sure of a rich variety. There’ll be live music, comedy, and movies, for instance, and all sorts of activities to join in, from dance and sports to games and quizzes, and there’s sure to be a gym for working off the big meals. Additional facilities and pastimes may be available, too, with a surcharge.

Social life

You’ll meet all sorts of people on a cruise ship, and many holiday-makers form life-long friendships that way. If you’re traveling with a partner or group of friends, you’ll have opportunities for fun together, away from the crowd, as well as getting to know new people and extending your circle. There’s space for time alone, too, and where better to dream and reflect than out on the eloquent ocean?

Seascape and atmosphere

The sea makes a beautiful backdrop for a holiday, with its many moods and colors and the open sky above. Morning, noon and night, there will be a horizon to rest your eyes on, with the warmth and camaraderie of cruise ship life at your fingertips, too.

Value for money

Cruise prices per person, per night, vary between companies and trips and can look rather high at first glance. But bear in mind that they usually include board and lodging, entertainment, facilities and the journey itself, and sometimes stop-off accommodation, too, when staying overnight on land. Overall, a cruise may not be any more costly than an independently arranged vacation, and may even be cheaper, as well as easier, so do the math and weigh up the pros and cons. On some cruise lines, passengers have reported incurring extra costs, usually for luxuries not covered by the quoted price, such as alcoholic drinks, which can be expensive, and certain facilities, so check these out at the start so you can make informed choices on any extra spending. There will be plenty of free options for you, too.

While the cruise experience is not for everyone, it’s one of the most popular forms of a holiday, attracting fans of all ages, from all walks of life, so make sure you check it out. Whatever type of trip you decide on, make sure it fulfills a dream.

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Oh, we are all about…

Make 2018 Your Year Of Travel

by Erin Weavery

2017 was an intense year for the world, and we’re all scrabbling to pull the scraps together and make 2018 a better one. If 2017 was the year of hibernating and trying to understand the big changes happening, then 2018 is all about getting out there and facing the world with confidence. More than anything, it’s time to explore. This is the year to start making your travel dreams a reality, so get out there and start exploring. Here’s how you can make 2018 your year of travel.

Make A List

Get a pen and paper and start listing the places you want to go, the things you want to do, and how important they are. Think big and small. You might find that your main dream trip is an overnighter to a nearby city, or that your heart is set on a months-long jaunt around a different continent. Figuring out your travel priorities will help you decide what kind of budget and timeframe you’re looking at.

Figure Out What You Want

Do you want to travel alone, go with your partner, or explore with a group of friends? Do you want relaxing hotel accommodation or budget hostel dorms? Will you plan a day-to-day itinerary ahead of time or fly by the seat of your pants? You can’t start planning until you know what kind of trip you really want, so figure it out.

Do Your Research

Next, it’s time to take to the internet and do your research. How much will flights to your destination cost? If you did a road-trip, where would you stop along the way? What’s an average daily spend in your destination? Do you need to organize visas or foreign currency before you go? Find these things out so you can start planning the solid realities of your dream trip.

Start Budgeting

Unless you’re pretty lucky, you’re probably going to have to do some budgeting to make travel a reality. Take a look at your finances and figure out how much money you could put aside every month, and how that might translate into travel. Hold yourself accountable when it comes to saving this money and weigh up other purchases against your potential travel plans.

Just Go For It

When you’ve got your plan and your finances ready, it’s time to do it. Taking the plunge can be scary even if you’ve planned ahead and saved for months to make your trip happen. Remember all the reasons why you want to travel and turn them into your reality.

It’s time to start broadening our understanding of the world, and there’s no better way to do that than travel. Get outside, explore, and take 2018 by the horns.

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