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by Erin Weaver

Let’s just say it: traveling alone isn’t for everyone. Being in a new place without any familiar faces can be uncomfortable, and family and financial reasons can make it hard to plan a trip alone. However, even if you think of yourself as the kind of girl who likes to stay home or explore with other people, there are some good reasons why you should consider moving outside your comfort zone and traveling alone if you get the chance. Solo travel has so many benefits for women, and it’s a form of me-time that can be truly invaluable in terms of your personal growth and relaxation. So what can you really get out of a solo trip?

Going At Your Pace

Group holidays are all about compromise, and your travel companions will naturally have their own preferences about things to do and see. When you’re on your own, you don’t have to figure out a plan that suits everyone – it’s all about you, so you get to go wherever you want at a pace you can enjoy.

Finding Out What You Really Like

Making all the decisions on your solo trip helps you learn what you truly enjoy and value in life. You don’t have to compromise or impress anyone, so it’s all about figuring out your own preferences. Decisions about tours and destinations may seem superficial, but this experience gives you the power to delve deeper and clarify what is really important to you  in life and what truly makes you tick.

Relishing Your Independence

Women are often implicitly encouraged to follow the lead of other people and avoid striking out on their own. This pressure can affect even the most independent woman, but solo travel allows you to take the power back into your own hands and make the most of being a decisive, self-sufficient person.

Challenging Your Assumptions

Solo travel helps you to reconsider the assumptions you make throughout your daily life. These might be stereotypes you easily assign to other groups of people or beliefs you hold about the kind of person you are. Meeting new people, exploring new places, and learning how you function in these situations can really develop your understanding of yourself and the world around you.

Spending Time With You

The most important thing? Traveling alone lets you spend quality time with yourself. When you leave your daily life and loved ones behind, you get the chance to relax and truly appreciate everything that is good about you. Sometimes it takes a change of scene to understand what truly makes you special.

Start with an overnight trip to a nearby city. You’ll find that traveling solo opens up opportunities to get to know yourself, become more comfortable in your own skin, and take a real break from the stresses and strains of the daily grind. Solo travel is a real-life “Choose Your Own Adventure” story, and the benefits will inevitably outweigh any challenges. If a solo trip is within your means, what’s stopping you?

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Great Herbs To Grow For The Beginner

If you’ve ever felt the rush of fulfillment when you cook using your own vegetables, wait till you try garnishing your meals with home-grown herbs.

Herbs are a great way to add flavor and an appetizing aroma to your meals but the high price of them on the market makes them seem like they’re not really a necessity. Luckily, with a little effort, you can start growing herbs on your own.

Since herbs are fairly small, it’ll be better to start growing them out of pots so you can manage them easily. Fertilizer is important for when you’re growing them and it can help retain nutritional balance in your soil which can grow healthy herbs.

To know if your soil is lacking any essential minerals, you can collect samples and have it tested. The test will determine what nutrients it contains, and what it doesn’t so you can get the right fertilizer. Remember to use an organic fertilizer that won’t cause any damage to your plants’ or your health.

Once you’ve prepped your soil, you’re ready to put it into pots and begin growing, but you need to pick which herbs you want to grow.

Two factors will determine what herbs you should grow; how easy it is to grow a certain herb and what your personal preferences are. (Of course, you’ll want to grow herbs that you actually intend to use.) For convenience, I’ll be naming herbs that you can find in almost every kitchen.


You can grow this versatile herb by sowing them in warm soil. The soil can be either in a pot on a window or in a bed when the soil feels warm. These seeds can take some time to finally germinate so you can speed it up a notch by putting them in water and leaving them overnight before you plant them. Grow them in damp soil and place the pot in a sunny place.


This is the ultimate beginner’s herb because of how simple it is to grow, not to mention how good it tastes. Since it grows with hard leaves, it doesn’t lose water too quickly, which means you shouldn’t keep the soil too moist either.

Other than that, the soil doesn’t need much prepping and you don’t need to make special arrangements with regards to sun or shade, because rosemary isn’t picky.


If cooking Italian is your specialty, then you need an Oregano plant right away. This delicious herb prefers light and warm soil, as well as lots of sunshine.

Sow them in a pot with warm soil, and pinch out the parts which grow vertically when the shoot has a height of 10 centimeters because it helps in stimulating growth.


This herb is fairly popular in Asian cuisine and now you can grow it at home in pots. The seeds will take a few weeks until they germinate while the plants don’t last very long, so you’ll need to add more seeds often so you have a consistent supply. If you want the best-tasting coriander, then keep your plants healthy and harvest it often.

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