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Okay, how long has it been since you last took a vacation?

Getting out of town can be really hard at times, especially with a young family! Travel costs are always on the rise, and a car full of kids (and all of their stuff!) is exhausting to think about. Don’t get me wrong. I love a good vacation, but I’ve always felt that you don’t have to “get away from it all” to have awesome quality time together. Plus, hey, no worrying about who will take care of the livestock and garden!

I recently came across a “Staycation Kit” from The Dating Divas, and was super impressed! It adds a fun element to a home based vacation.

Don’t Vacation. Staycation Instead!

There is so much in this awesome pack! I love the idea of a quality “Staycation” – there is so much to do and see in our own hometown, and we never get a chance to go and do it. Not only does it save a ton of money, but I feel like we can have just as much fun staying local.

The Divas offer up a ton of tips to do it right, too, which is key! I feel like not enough people know how to do an awesome Staycation, and I think too many people would treat it like more work than it actually should be. More work = no fun! The Dating Divas really outlined in this pack how to make it just as much fun as an out-of-town holiday.

Make It Fun With a Staycation Kit

The Staycation Kit was designed by Alexa Z Design, and it includes:

  • Staycation Invitation
  • Summer Vacation Bucket List
  • Family Activities Itinerary
  • Kids & Spouse Love Coupons
  • Summer Staycation Postcards
  • Romantic Vacation Playlist
  • Steamy Couples Games (for after the kids are in bed)

You gotta check out this pack! If you’re looking to save a bit of money this year, or can’t seem to figure out where to go, it’s a must-see.

Visit The Dating Divas to get your kit today!

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Cluck around with backyard chickens

Backyard chickens are a fun way to have a never ending supply of hyper-local eggs. Here’s how you can start raising backyard chickens on a shoestring budget.

Remember to check local laws first! Many cities stipulate the number of chickens you’re allowed to have.

Set up a brooder

A brooder is like a nursery for chicks. It can be as simple as a sturdy box filled with pine shavings, corn, or another soft bedding. Make sure you give the chicks access to plenty of fresh food and water, too. The brood is complete when you set up either a heat lamp or specialized brooder lamp to keep the chicks warm.

The lamp may not be be necessary depending on your weather and where you’re keeping the chicks. You don’t want them getting too hot!

Buy your chicks

Here’s the fun part! Once you have your brooder in place, it’s time to buy the chicks. Some people buy from mail order hatcheries. In my experience, mail order is cruel for the chicks, and many of them don’t survive the journey. I opt for local farmers and hatcheries for my chicks.

Try to buy sexed chicks if you can. If not, there’s a really good chance you’ll get lots of roosters and few egg-layers!

Build your coop

You can buy pre-built coops at places like Tractor Supply, but if you really want to save money, DIY is the way to go. You can buy cheap building plans online and customize for your needs.

Remember to fill the coop with soft bedding as well as hay for the chickens to build nests.

Raise the chickens!

Once it’s time to move the chickens into the coop, you’re in the business of raising chickens. Get them on a schedule and determine where and when they leave the coop. Their diet can affect their eggs, so keep that in mind. Just because the chickens roam doesn’t mean they’re fully fed. Supply the chickens with a high quality feed to encourage egg-laying.

Chickens are great egg layers for the first two years of life. After that, production either slows or stops entirely. At this point, some people butcher the hens, while others keep them around for bug control.

The bottom line

One of the best ways to homestead is to have chickens. They’re full of personality and will supply you with more eggs than you can dream of. Follow these steps to set up your flock for minimal cost.

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