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County Carlow, located in the southeast of Ireland, combines the dual attractions of a beautiful natural environment with a thriving contemporary culture. The county seat of Carlow is an architecture lover’s paradise, while the traditional villages nestled close to the Blackstairs or Wicklow Mountains are charming locations for relaxing day trips or a quiet stay. County Carlow is within easy reach of Dublin airport by bus, train, or car.

Carlow Town

A visit to the town of Carlow is a must for any tourist coming to this beautiful county. The Carlow Town Heritage Trail winds through the streets, allowing tourists to take in the historical sites on their own self-guided walking tour. In the evening, the city comes to life, with live music and a thriving pub culture. Carlow is home to the award-winning bar Dinn Ri, where revellers can eat and drink in a leafy terraced garden or enjoy live entertainment in the split level Tower Live venue.

Carlow Garden Trail

If you are visiting Carlow in the spring or summer, then the Carlow Garden Trail is one of the county’s top attractions. Travelling around the county to visit beautifully cultivated young gardens, lovingly restored estates, and natural forest parks will give you a glimpse into the thriving horticultural heritage and natural landscape of Country Carlow.

Carlow County Museum

To understand the history and culture of Carlow, a visit to Carlow County Museum is highly recommended. Here adults and children can learn about famous residents of this beautiful county, including John Tyndall, whose study of atmospheric physics paved the way for our modern understanding of the greenhouse effect that threatens all life on Earth. Delve further back into Ireland’s history and discover an archaeological treasure trove with relics dating back to the stone age.

Waterways of County Carlow

One of the best ways to see the green and pleasant county of Carlow is to travel along the waterways. Barge holidays are popular in Ireland, thanks to the unspoilt beauty of the landscape and the country’s network of canals. Newcomers to the water will enjoy a sedate cruise along the Grand Canal, which runs through County Carlow, connecting the great River Shannon to Dublin and the Irish Sea. A more adventurous journey can be had on the lively waters of the River Barrow, which snakes through the lush Barrow Valley, passing many welcoming local country pubs on the way. These uncrowded waters are a haven for wildlife, particularly waterfowl, and provide ample opportunities for trout and salmon fishing.

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